Matt Spike, One Machine



Since joining One Machine in 2015, Matt has performed with the group across Europe, promoting the debut and sophomore albums, alongside the likes of Overkill, Geoff Tate, Raven, Motorhead’s Phil Campbell, and Evile to name a few. Following a week’s worth of recording with the band in Copenhagen, a new EP, and his recording debut for the band, is due to be released in the first half of 2021, with a follow-up album sometime after.

Raised on a disparate diet of Motown and Classic British Rock, Matt developed a blend of pocket and swing as well as an aggressive but dynamic playing style. Taking inspiration from the likes of Ian Paice, Cozy Powell, and John Bonham as well as Steve Ferrone, JR Robinson and Tony Williams. This lead to his first session tour at the age of 19 and later, involvement in the Grindcore scene of the mid- 90s.

By 2001, Matt would be asked to join the emerging Progressive Metal band Biomechanical, where he would first meet guitarist, and future One Machine Architect, Jamie Hunt. Both Jamie and Matt would remain with this band for the next 6 years, recording 3 three critically acclaimed albums, performing at numerous festivals, as well as touring the US and Europe with the likes of Exodus, Decapitated, 3 Inches Of Blood, Shadows Fall, and Stampin’ Ground. It was on one such occasion, supporting Nevermore in Greece, over a beer or 15, that the beginnings of Once Machine was born.

After the dis-banding of Biomechanical, Matt would go on to session for numerous profile Rock and Metal bands. Touring with the likes of AOR luminaries P.R.I.D.E, supporting US Multi-platinum selling artist, Firehouse and Tyketto Front-man, Danny Vaughn, German Power Metal band Mystic, Prophecy on their support of Stratovarius’ European ‘Polaris’ Tour. 3 Inches of Blood for the London ‘Fire Up the Blades’ dates, Bull-Riff Stampede’s UK support of Sepultura, and many others.

An album, EP, and music video would follow with another Biomechanical Alumni, Chris Webb, in the Band Solsikk. Additional projects include albums, singles, EPs, and Videos for blackened Power Metal outfit, ‘Chaosanct’, featuring former and current member of Cradle of Filth, Spitting Blood, Samsus Traum, and Ackercocke, recording and touring the critically acclaimed debut album ‘Renegades’ by British Metal band Monument and most recently the highly anticipated debut, self-titled album for Matt Mitchell &The Coldhearts.

Matt Exclusively endorses Ludwig Drums, Axis Pedals, and LDC Drumsticks.