Jamie Hunt, One Machine



Jamie graduated from the Musicians Institute in 1999, with the Platinum award. He went on to become one of the original members of U.K Progressive Metal band ‘Biomechanical’, who released 3 critically acclaimed albums and toured the world alongside acts such as Exodus, Nevermore, Shadows Fall and Decapitated.

Since then, Jamie has worked on projects with Pin (Sikth) and drummer Thomas Lang, before taking up guitar duties with Steve in One Machine.

Jamie is the Principal Lecturer in Live Performance and Guitar Technique at BIMM Bristol. He held a column in Guitarist magazine for many years, regularly contributes to lessons and features in Total Guitar Magazine and currently writes the 30-Minute Lickbag column in Guitar Techniques magazine.

When not playing Metal, Jamie is often hired as a theatre pit musician where he gets to play scores covering a vast array of genres. He currently endorses EMG pickups, Rotosound strings plus Dunlop gear and picks. Jamie is also a U.K product ambassador for ESP guitars – demonstrating their products on www.espguitars.com and holding clinics all over the U.K.