“Born From This Hate” lyric video

NEW video coming! Are YOU ready?! Our previously unreleased lyric video for the song “Born From This Hate”, taken from “The Final Cull” album, will premiere Tuesday, August 10th 2021 at 12pm GMT exclusively on our YouTube channel!

Live chat will be up and running as well, so come hang out with us for a bit!

Video creation and editing was handled by our very own Jamie Hunt, who also co-wrote the song with Chris Hawkins and Steve Smyth.
The song, as described by Jamie, is about “How we are born into an agenda of the elite superpowers of the world. We are led to believe our lives represent freedom and choice while, in reality, we only know a fraction of the bigger picture, lies and deceit. The song is a realisation of the control and manipulation measures that govern and shape our existence and fate while supposedly living in ‘freedom’. It represents how government use our lives as gambling chips to gain more power and control of our ‘freedom’, and the expectation to, blindly, fall in line.” A reflection on the past, present, and future, with an opening nod to what is rumoured to be nearing every day, Born From This Hate contains a bold self-reflective message within the context of the larger story being told in The Final Cull album, the coming conflict of man vs machine, and the struggle for human beings to maintain their own sovereignty as a race, in the face of the rapid advancement of artificial intelligence.